If you've got this far then you're definitely on the look out to be the best dressed house on the street and our hand painted door signs will certainly help you stand out, with style!


Completely made bespoke for you in our Crafty Lab, from start to finish. Why choose us I hear you ask? Let me tell you a little bit more about what we do...

  • Each door sign starts as a huge piece of acrylic and we cut your order by hand and the quality process starts here as we polish the edges to make sure it's not only smooth to the touch, but super safe too
  • The acrylic starts to look a little more like the finished product and we lovingly apply a minimum of 4 coats of paint - in the colour of your choice - giving maximum coverage and ensures your chosen colour really steals the show
  • We'll then design, print, cut and apply your chosen text - this is a hardwearing, weatherproof mirror finish silver vinyl as standard
  • The next step is to prepare your 3D mirror finish numbers - the foam backing is glued with our super strong adhesive to your plaque and to make it super secure, the mirror finish numbers are glued to the foam backing - making sure your sign looks great in all weathers
  • Lastly, we'll buff your sign to perfection, leaving it super shiny and pop it into our beautiful packaging and send it safely on it's way to you, with lots and lots of love


All of our plaques are a minimum of 2mm thick - super sturdy and will stand proud outside your home. 


Standard/portrait plaque - 15cm x 20cm

A4 plaque - 21cm x 29cm

Wreath - approximately 33cm diameter with a standard plaque attached


You can fit up to 3 numbers on our standard plaques, though they do fit better onto the larger A4 plaque.


If your home has a letter and number - eg. 2B - this will be added to your sign as a vinyl letter, rather than a mirror finish 3D letter.


If you're still reading - woohoo! Any more questions? Let us know...you'll find a link to our Facebook page on the menu up the top of the page and you can pop us a message there - we'll be happy to help.



Patterns Door Sign Collection

  • Not only are the plaques super pretty, they're also UV resistant & weatherproof and can withstand the Great British weather!


    All plaques are hand painted, so you may see brush strokes in the colour, it's all part of the handmade charm.


    The text is a strong adhesive outdoor vinyl and is weatherproof, its fixed to the plaque by hand.