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Depending on where you are with your wedding planning, you might feel like you've thought of A B S O L U T E L Y everything....


Though, stop the press - I have something for you that's going to help make the most important day of your life be stress free!


If you don't want to be spending the morning of your wedding looking for your tweezers, wondering if you've packed your sexy undies for the night time or need to help soothe the headache from too much pre wedding prosecco...then our 'Bridezilla be-gone bags' are just what you need!


You won't find these anywhere else - trust me, we've scoured the highs and lows of the internet!


What will you get?

10 x large zip lock bags...personalised to perfection with silver mirror effect text


Fancy this for your big day? You can order below and let us know what you'd like adding...

Bridezilla - be - gone organisation bags

  • You can have up to 3 words on each bag


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