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These beautiful hand stamped bangles are a gorgeous and thoughtful present for anyone in your life, completely unique and personalised with your own message. They're made of lightweight aluminium, so won't be heavy on the wrist, yet super cute! The bangles start their life as a plain boring strip of aluminium and then each letter of your personalised message is handstamped with love. Once it's fully stamped we then fill the imprints with black ink and form the strip into a bangle shape with our special equipment.  You can choose from the alphabet, numbers 1-9, roman numerals, a heart symbol, smiley face, star or & to complete your message with a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces).

Unique Hand stamped bangle

  • Quality for us is paramount - we'd never send anything out that we're not happy with.


    We ask you to remember these items are hand made and to allow for the quirkyness of items of this nature with everything done with our fair hands.


    Each letter is hand stamped into the aluminium with a stainless steel stamp and a hammer - this means that the aliminium is being displaced with the force of the hammer and will leave marks on the inside of the bangle, its the nature of the metal.

    With that in mind, please remember we're not machines and your item will be completely unique to you as everthing is made to order.

  • Aluminium is a hypoallergenic metal so won't tarnish and shouldn't cause irritation. In time, the bangle might lose its shine and polishing with a soft jewellery cloth should bring it back to life.


    The black ink inside the imprints will wear over time and you can top this up with black nail varnish if you wish.


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