You're here and looking at wedding newspapers, so that means you're getting married soon - right? Ahhhh...the biggest congratulations to you both, we're so happy for you!


You've stumbled across our wedding newspapers and you might be wondering what they are....a little more on that below! If you're into those tiny details that make alllll the difference, you're definitely in the right place. For our own wedding, we were all about the personal touches and with tons of our guests travelling miles, I wanted to give them a shoutout and a thank you from the get go and wanted to leave a little something for them on their chairs. wasn't planned seating at the ceremony, so that was going to be a task. I was searching and searching and just couldn't find anything fill my needs. So that's when my creative brain stepped in and said, hey, what about a wedding newspaper to sit on each guests chair - with a map showing all the locations your guests have come from.....and from there - the original wedding newspaper was born!


From our own experience having these at our wedding...our guests absolutely LOVED them, they couldn't put them down and are still talking about them months later! Even the seasoned wedding goers (we all know someone who's ALWAYS at a wedding don't we!) said they'd never seen anything like it before and were super, super impressed. So if you're looking for something totally unique, a little bit quirky, completely personalised to you and without that bloody ridiculous wedding price tag you'll know all about, then you're absolutely in the right place!


Where and how will you use the newspapers? This is completely up to you. Most of our couples order enough to place one on each seat at the ceremony, as you can tailor your newspaper to let your guests know everything they need to for the rest of the day. Other couples have used them in goody bags they've given to guests the day before, or day after the wedding. Some have used them at the wedding breakfast and others have left some extras on the cake table at night for the evening guests to enjoy - its your day and we believe you should have it exactly how you want to.


What can you add to your newspaper? A thank you message to your guests, let them know any important info about your day, an unplugged ceremony. Shout about your love story, any fun facts, special songs...the more personal the better (we love it when you add quirky bits too - keep your ideas coming!) 


All of this above....available in a gorgeous double sided black and white A4 newspaper to take home as a forever reminder of your day!


Once you've placed your order, you'll get a confirmation with a link to fill in a form with the details we’ll need to complete your newspaper and we will work with you to create your masterpiece. If you don't have all the ideas right away, that's fine - you'll still be able to place your order and we can help with some ideas. Not feeling creative? Don't worry - we'll start with the questionnaire and go from there, I guarantee you'll come out with the newspaper of your dreams.


We normally get things perfect after 1 or 2 goes but we’re happy to do up to 5 edits to make sure you’re super happy with everything.


For full consultation and approval of the proofs, please allow 4 weeks before your big day to complete your order. We will always be in touch in plenty of time before your big day to send over your first draft.


If you're getting married really soon and want these newspapers for your big day...get in touch and I'm sure we'll be able to work our magic for you.

Wedding Day Newspapers

  • We'll work with you to create your perfect newspaper and once you're happy with the final proof, we'll check you're happy to print. 

    To help - when you check the final copy it might be worth asking your other half or a friend to check over everything to make sure there's nothing you've missed, or would be unhappy with as once the item is printed, there isn't a way for us to change anything.

    We will make sure you're happy to print and once you've confirmed you're happy with everything and there's no errors, we'll get cracking.

  • The minimum order for wedding newspapers is 20 copies. Please note, any orders below the minimum level will be refunded - so sorry