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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  on your wedding...we're SO excited for you!


You've stumbled across our wedding newspapers and the fact that you're here on our pretty pink website means you're intrigued and just need to know more!


'What on earth are wedding newspapers??' I hear you ask...


Well, if you're into those special details that'll make alllll the difference on your wedding day, you're definitely in the right place!


We're throwing tradition out the window and have put a fun twist on the ordinary, well, basic order of service you might have seen at weddings in the past. Wedding newspapers are a fantastic new creative way of getting your personality across to your guests, setting the scene by telling the story of you - and your wedding day!


Quality, luxury and affordability is key for us and that's why we guarantee that you won't find a more personalised with as much love, care and expertise poured in from us in an item for your wedding, and all of that from just 89p! Every single inch of your wedding newspaper is unique to you as a couple.


The beauty of wedding newspapers is that they can be as functional...or fun as you'd like them to be! Something our couples often worry about is just what on earth you'll fill them up with - but you'd be suprised, we're here to help every single step of the way and with thousands of these under our belt, you can guarantee we're not short of ideas!

From our own experience having these at our wedding...our guests absolutely LOVED them, they couldn't put them down and are still talking about them over a year later! Even the seasoned wedding goers (we all know someone who's ALWAYS at a wedding don't we!) said they'd never seen anything like it!


So if you're looking for something totally unique, a little bit quirky, completely personalised to you and without that bloody ridiculous wedding price tag you'll know all about, then you're absolutely in the right place...if you've got any questions after reading all of this, pop us a message, we'd love to hear from you 💕



Wedding Day Newspapers

  • So you're wondering how the process works from placing your order to having your newspapers drop through your letterbox - and everthing in between...let's get to it.

    When you placed your order, you'll get an email confirmation shortly after which contains a link to a digital form. This is where you'll fill in all of your personalisation for your newspaper - there's prompts on the form to give you a helping hand and some space for you to go wild and freestyle with any ideas you might have. 

    If you don't have all the ideas right away or aren't ready to fill it in, that's fine - you'll still be able to place your order and keep hold of that email so when you are ready, you can pop those details over for us to get started.

    Not feeling creative? Don't worry - we'll start with the questionnaire and go from there, I guarantee you'll come out with the newspaper of your dreams.



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